Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Very nice Theme by Andy Peatling

Found a very nice theme by Andy Peatling called Durable v0.3 (currently at 0.2).    Got lots of choice available to customize the look of the theme to your taste without fiddling codes within Admin.    Some may like this.

I think theme design (the way I like it anyway) is moving towards customization and even posting without the admin interface.    Too bad the innovative one I like at logahead has been stopped being developed (now a sourceforge project) as I really like the idea of blogging without admin and customizaation "on-the-fly", my attempt is here.

With development in javascript and ajax somehow in the near future I think bloggers, average no-brainer like me, will just blog without getting to know the codes behind the blogging platform but at the same time have a lot more freedom in chosing what they like as to outlook of their theme.

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