Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Digital Assets Management

Come across the new service by fluxiom.    They used a fancy name of "digital assets" management.   In essence they manage your files in their server such that you could share them with your team, tag them for easy retrieval and preview them.

They offer 30-day free trial now.    I guess they should have make it free to attract users and make potential customer to accustom to this.     There are rumours that Google and Microsoft are planning something close, i.e. storage of your files, called GDrive (see ZDNet post here) or Live Drive (see TechCrunch's post here)

This is getting close to my idea of paperless office, i.e. you could put all your digitized document on the web and view/download/share them via internet.

I read about this at Solution Watch. Apparently TechCrunch also featured this here. If you want to see a full list of online-storage services now available go to see this post here.

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