Thursday, June 22, 2006

Don't know when was it published

I can't trace it now but it must have been sometime in November 2003 because I wrote to the editor of the HKIE Magazine Hong Kong Engineer back in November 2003, I said

HKSAR published the captioned strategy in 98, updated it on 2001 and have recently published consultation paper inviting public comments (web link available in my article attached). HK is in fact doing not bad, according to a survey by Accenture (ranked 7th among other governments)

Being a member of the engineering community I personally have not seen too many changes affecting the way we conduct our business. OK, you may say we can tender using electronic delivery but I doubted any contractor has done it, especially for large contract which required voluminous submission. During performance there is nothing specified in trying to utilize the IT investment the SAR has put in (total of $3,868 million according to the survey just for 2000-2002). The mindset has not been changed over the years.

I once worked in consulting practice, my ex-colleagues told me recently that submission of study report is still specified to be in paper (at least 25-30 copies) to various departments. What's wrong with CDRom?

The attached article described a personnel experience, my low cost attempt. I was writing under the same title, for a ASP programmer website, something similar of much longer length (with code snapshots, screen capture etc), hence trimming down to about 1,500 words was easy.

The public consultation ends in December. Let me know if you would consider publishing this one.

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