Thursday, June 22, 2006


They do paperless system, I just downloaded and watached their 5 minutes flash demo.    Sorry I didn't finish it, got bored with it.

I really don't understand why people like to make things so complicated.    If I couldn't grab the key advantages within 3 minutes I naturally consider that product no good.     We are all flooded with too much information and with very little time understanding things.

I think paperless system should be simple and user friendly.   Big software developers are following wrong path paved by big guys like Microsoft.    That sort of model, i.e. embrace all features by your competitors and deliver more and better, is out in 21st century.

Good applications should be simple to use, easy to set up, open source allowing customization by the users to suit particular application environment and requiring no special skills other than an junior programmer.

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  1. Hi Buddy,
    I agree the majority of paperless software packages are waaaayyyy too bloated with non-required 'features.' leaving them too complicated, un-wieldy and expensive. You may want to give Paper Valet PRO a trial though ( I'm not affiliated with them but I've been trialling this package for a few days now as a potential replacement for my overbloated 'regular' PaperPort 10. It's looking like a promising alternative for me and it's much simpler or 'straight to the point' as this.
    Good Luck