Friday, June 9, 2006

Google Spreadsheet

It was less than 8 hours ago when I signed up for my Google spreadsheet, I got my access to it at around 11:30pm. Here below is my first test drive.

Google xls.JPG

Like other Google products their spreadsheet is clean, simple, responsive and you don't feel any need for refreshing of the page at all.

You'll be surprised how large a sheet it could take being at first launch. Below from their help
You may create up to 100 spreadsheets, each of which may contain up to 20 tabs, 50,000 cells, 256 columns or 10,000 rows – whichever comes first (meaning, any one of these limits may prevent you from continuing to add data to a spreadsheet). We allow you to import .xls and .csv files which are approximately 400k in size originally

If fact you don't have to signup for one. I have created a spreadsheet and sent invitation to my brothers and sisters including myself at another gmail account. Click the link from the email invite then you'll be granted access to your own storage space at Google spreadsheet homepage here.

If you have invited others as editor then what he/she does is really instantly viewable at your end being the owner of the sheet. You could also kick any of them out at any time. From help they say
The people whom you've invited cannot in turn invite others to view or edit the spreadsheet. They cannot remove you from it. The original file will continue to live on your Google Spreadsheets storage space.

In fact there is a workaround. The editor you have invited can in fact save that file you own as another file name without your permission. Once that file has an new identity then that editor you once trusted can share that file with others without your consent. This is a security threat I think therefore THINK BEFORE YOU SHARE. Google should improve this by removing the "save as" right of the editors.

Chat is enabled once your sheet is shared and you know instantly if collaborators are online.

google xls formula.JPG There are lots of formulas available now. There are grouped by categories such as info, text, statistical, lookup, date, logical, financial and math.

There will be catching up to do by other products (e.g. iRows, Tracker, ZohoSheet, EditGrid or Dabble DB) in the market. I think this is a really good collaboration tool having synergy with Gmail and GTalk. How good it is when the file is getting large, full of formulas and a few people online punching instantanously this is yet to be tested.

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