Saturday, June 24, 2006

Last piece of web office?

Wrong, I disagree!

ZDNet's blog post on Web 2.0 Explorer used a title of "Zoho releases Ajax presentation app - last piece of Web Office jigsaw?"    The entire Zoho suite (this new one is Zohoshow) is aiming at the right direction but what they are offering so far isn't really complete unless a complete paperless office solution is available.

Imagine you could run your business with a team of travelling sales force (isn't new idea, see salesforce) that can easily access internet anywhere.    Now this is 22nd century they don't even carry notebook with them instead access to internet is like air your breath (OK by that time you probably can't breath due to air popllution).    Your sales manager can check his sales, prepare his offer, send expenses report etc in a coffee shop.    Where the hell he could dive into a deep ocean of paper/documentation without a paperless solution available online?    Salesforce has a built-in document management system.    My assumption is that you are in a business that is paper-centric, e.g. lawyers, construction, contracting etc

Another likely scenario is that by 22nd century rain forests are so scarce that paper production has been banned.

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