Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My sidebar is restored

I posted in support about what happened recently. My sidebar.php file isn't long but it's surely longer than the editing window in admin. I was updating a portion of it, clicked "save", got "file updated successfully". Viewed site again the bottom part of the sidebar has gone. I repeated that and found that the whole length of sidebar wasn't delivered to the editing window of my browser hence this problem. Therefore if I have edited it and clicked saved only the truncated version is saved.

This may be a browser issue, has anyone experienced this before. Am using FF 1.5.04

I hope there is a plugin to backup theme files like database backup plugin, does anyone know?

Got below reply from a member who also experienced this.

Yes, this is a bug which has been noticed before.

It's interesting to see that this is another WordPress instalation affected. I must admit, I can't remember this happening with any other product online.

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