Friday, June 23, 2006

Paperless Office online

I was writing to Aravind (standard disclaimer: am not associated with Zoho in any way) the other day from where I work (am not even a trained IT professional)
Actually the web application I would like to build (without knowing all the backend "how to") is a repeat of my dream "paperless office". Essentially it is a database of holding paper copies either online or on intranet but everyone has his/her (every team/company/corporation) own way of life and an unique way of tracing historical paper copies. It's still a misery as to what algorithm we have in our mind to trace memories.

Image that you have a very messy work desk at work but you can always find a piece of paper hidden for your boss and you don't really want someone to organise (tidy up) the desk for you. Now you want to remove that physical messy desk and put it online. Currently e-document management system, be it free or paid for, are rigid system. They all say this "....our system is the best, follow me I'll show you how ....". The hidden facts are "...if you don't follow the way we have written the backend logic it'll break and we can't guarantee that you'll never find your stuff again....".

To be continued....

PS: this is how Google makes a living.   From the gmail interface Google peeks into my words and offers these links springcm edrawer questys laserfiche etc


  1. Just a suggestion, but you may want to look at our product. The iKE Office Document Management system. I'm not sure if our software would fit the 'everyone has his own way of tracing...' requirement, but we do offer file indexing and any user can enter keywords of their own choosing.

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