Thursday, June 15, 2006

Themes I have tried

I put down my experience on WordPress themes below since I moved to WordPress last September.     From below I can now recall that I switched theme frequently at early months.   That was due to the fact that I had little skill in customizing themes and I find better and nicer looking themes everyday.    Later I learnt more about customizing and codes behind the theme which helped me to better fitting the themes to suit my taste.    May be I didn't know what actually I was looking for by then.
  1. NewZen, details in this post
  2. Prozac, that was around May this year, see this post
  3. Lush, that was a very nice looking design back in March, ported from Typo, see this post
  4. Theme from BlogisEverything in February, details in this post
  5. Connections Reloaded v1.2.2 in January 2006, see this post
  6. A theme modified from Neuron which I named it as Neuron-green back in December 2005, details in here
  7. A version called Neuron-Blue, see this post
  8. The original Neuron theme was activated in December, details are here
  9. Connections Reloaded v1.2 used back in November since this post
  10. Dark Maple theme activated in November, see this post
  11. Ocadia 1.2, that was November, see this post
  12. Head 1.5 back in October, see this post
  13. Used the original Neuron theme, I was learning the javascript tricks used to collasp sidebar menu groups back then, see this post
  14. Connection Reloaded v1.2 back in October, see this post
  15. The theme Thirteen from Beccary must be the very first theme I used.   I was using DreamHost at that time.

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