Monday, July 31, 2006

Movie - Cars

We went to the movie CARS with my 4.5 years boy. He loves cars. He got bored with the movie in 30 minutes, why, it's too hard for him to understand.

I was discussing this movie with friends I said this movie is for those at mid-forties. Nobody agreed. How many of you really understand the meaning behind

  1. your route 66 in life

  2. how many super highway you have taken in life in order to overtake competition

  3. what beautiful people and scenes you have missed because you didn't like long and winding roads to success

  4. how many times you have given up integrity for speed

Another fact is that Pixar is 20 years old now, they have audience/followers that have grown up.

PS: One last point: do you have a head lamp that would make people around you shine?

I messed up my Toshiba R100

I think I know what I did wrong now to my Toshiba R100. I removed my office domain and joined a local network workgroup at home. On restarting my notebook didn't allow me to sign in because I don't remember the administrator password. Who would remember a password set some 2 years ago. That was it. The notebook has no other valid account which I know the password. The notebook is dead.

I searched the internet the only way available now to recover data is to plug the harddisk of my notebook via another interface. I'll have to buy a 1.8" external HDD box just for that.

Now I am using a DELL D600 notebook in the office. That took me a while setting things up again. One thing just learnt is to migrate a firefox installation from one place (user) to another. MozBackup is a great application which saves you lots of time. It takes a profile and saves all your setting, preference, saved password, history, bookmarks, extensions, plugin ...etc. You just have to install the same application at your new location, point to the saved file then it'll be all done. Even all the blog setting for my performancing plugin can be saved and safely transferred.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Copying between computers - solved

My problem mentioned here is now solved. Got an advice from a colleague and found few links here on the Internet.

The key to the issue is to add NetBIOS to your connection. If you are using hardwired conection with your hub in LAN properties click Install>Protocol>Add>NetBIOS>OK. Your firewall may still be in your way blocking you. In my case it's Windows Live OneCare. I had to open that in "View or change settings" click firewall>advanced settings>Advanced there are few radio buttons one of them being "share them with all computers (even those on the Internet)" then click OK.

It would be safer of course while transferring files between computers via a hub/router you switch off your ADSL modem preventing any access from outside.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It isn't easy to transfer files between computers

I was trying to set up a network of 2 computers via the hub in the router. It wasn't easy at all.

It was supposed to be pretty easy as Windows has wizard to help me with that such as setting up computer name, description and workgroup etc. It went error free but I still couldn't find the other computer on the network even with them hardwired.

I turned to the Free version of Network Magic at last as I have it installed on my notebook already further to recommendation by D-Link.

I have both computers connected before I felt too tired and transferred some files. I did it also on wireless mode from my notebook.

It turned out that, while I was on my bed still thinking about this hassle, it was Windows firewall that caused all these problems. I used Live OneCare on my both machines and I had to turn off the firewall completely on the receiving PC before transfer can be done. This could be the reason why both PC couldn't see networked computers under the same workgroup even though the setup was error free.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What is EMbA?

Our group's (Avis, Candy, Ruth, Eric, Gary) final project named "EMbA" was subject of discussion recently.

Today at lunch Anita, Corinna, Margaret, Vesper, Virginia, Eric and myself entered into "serious" discussion about this. You know how serious we normally are at lunch table.

One of the way to secure copyright is to publicize it. If you want to read more right this way. I'm sure our concept isn't new.

Have been busy lately

I have been busy lately fixing an old PC getting it ready for home use. I have moved it home last night. In searching for a keyboard for plugging into it I found a micorsoft keyboard, full of dirts, in one of my cabinets. What a surprise as that keyboard gives me 2 USB ports. Don't know exactly what model it is but it looks like Wired Keyboard 500.

I have yet to find a USB 2.0 hub with a long extension wire.

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

D-Link USA can't help

Got reply from D-Link USA

D-Link USA technical support only provides after market support for products bought and used within the USA. You are seeking support from outside the United States. Please contact the D-Link offices which are closest to your geographical location.

It was only few days ago that they said in their email
In this case it would be best if you speak with a live technician to resolve the issue. Please call technical support at 877-45D-Link (877-453-5465). Technical support is available 24/7 to serve your needs.

Their local agent Alris is not replying to my emails.

Their recommended Networking application NetworkMagic, which I installed the free version, doesn't support my model 624S.

DIY Antenna

I had a look around, on the Internet of course, about home make DIY antenna to improve performance of my router.

This one from down under is a good resource and I think I can do one in paper first. A simple one such as a Corner Reflector can also be done. You can do it by card board or even a CD case.

Commercial reflectors are all in parabolic shape, you really have to know a bit of math to do a perfect shape. Check it out here at Wiki.

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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Updating my computer, an old one

5 years4 years (just looked at when the CDROM drive was manufactured, it was April 2002) is old for a PC. I took back a PC from another work location and I spent nearly the whole day yesterday updating it. Thank God Microsoft still allowed me to upgrade it.

There were 52 updates prior to XP's SP1 then the big SP2 which was nearly 100Mb in size. There were another 22 updates after SP2 and about 7 or 8 optional ones after that.

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Signal isn't strong enough

dinning tableIt's a bit disappointing really. I though a 108G router with so called SuperG turbo will solve my problem here. This is the speed test I did yesterday using speakeasy. Today I tried to move the router around to see if signal strength improves. To my disappointment it's still very directional, i.e. my notebook facing different direction will get very different results.
Signal-noise Another way to monitor connection speed is to use "ping -t". I can see the response time could be 1ms to 24ms or even request time out. The graph on the right shows how signal strength changes on turning my notebook by 90 deg, this is done by running a freeware Network Stumbler. Warning: don't use NetStumbler and the ping method at the same time as ping response is affected when NetStumbler is running.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Router now fixed

At last my router is fixed. I took it to the local agent Alris Technology in person and they found that I should have upgraded the firmware in order to work here in Hong Kong with the biggest ISP in town Netvigator.

How would I know that? D-Link is from the US and I visited their website and had few emails with their technical support on this issue, isn't this natural course of actions? It turned out that from the technical support here from Alris I should have gone to D-Link's Taiwan download site here or Taiwan D-Link distributor's site here for assistance!

Again how would I know that? There is a Quick Installation Guide in the box which tells me support information, there are websites for Australia, Singapore and US....none for Taiwan. By the way that quick installation guide isn't well written.

Now I have no problem connecting using PPPoE and the configuration shows that I still have firmware 1.0 which is all in Chinese. From the Taiwan site here there is a download for version 1.01_060126 which I don't know if I should download and upgrade. I have written to Alris on this for advice!

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Monday, July 17, 2006

This theme CR15-NewZen

Thanks Ajay writing in, his comment is here. His comment of using javascript:void(0) is really useful, now you click on sidebar group it expands right there without moving the page to the top.

Regarding what bolts & nuts are missing I really don't know as I don't see any on my desk after blending two themes together. However my experience is that it's easy to have omitted something which is important to the skin I like which may be in conflict with the features of another theme. Well I guess I'll find out more in due course. Thanks Ajay.

Latest from the Theme Blender

The default theme you now see is Ajay's Connection Reloaded blended with NewZen sidebar.

This adds probably my last theme to the list of themes I like most to the theme switcher. Blending these two themes wasn't difficult, herhaps a little easier than Kubrick + NewZen. Although Kubrick was said to be the default but it isn't easy to understand for beginners as the codes to generate it's skin are everywhere in CSS, header and function files.

I'm sure I may have few bolts and nuts left over on the table, may be Ajay can help me clicking through the theme. I'll be grateful to his comments, if any.

Again I'm unable to emulate the appearence of ul and ol listing within expanded sidebar groups due to my lack of CSS skill. I'll work further on that later.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Router replaced but problem remains

I have the router replaced at the shop I really don't know which one was to blame. ISP said it isn't the modem, which is a NEC ATU-R300 (some information here in Chinese), and I couldn't say there is anything wrong with the router either.

I followed instructions to reset and entered everything again, it refused to work. The technical support from even stopped replying to my emails.

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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Paperless office

Got this comment about my quest for paperless office.

Have briefly looked at this iKE office which is like another one I know called springCM. Web 2.0 is about "software as service" as both of them are not new in this market they are doing exactly the right thing for a long time. Many other similar products requiring users to buy software in a box for installation on client's server are completely out of date.

I just wonder if there are ads supported opensourced solution available. What exactly is that? Well say you have designed a paperless solution, e.g. using LAMP which are all free, then distribute it freely to whoever wants it. How do you get rewarded? To do that you could add in the user interface with text ads similar to what Gmail does to your email, i.e. peeks into indexed text of the stored document and offer text ads. Of course that intranet based paperless solution stops working if an Internet connection is broken, i.e. relevant text ads is always available to the user interface.

Has anyone out there thought of that? Hey Google will you consider that? Paperless solution is something good to go with GDrive.

Deluge Scripting in ZohoCreator

I asked a dummies like question in this post. Zoho comes back recently and said
The help link at the top of of the ZohoCreator website will get you
started with Deluge Scripting. Deluge is in its preliminary stage. Its
being improved progressively based on the feedback from ZohoCreator
Users both internal and external. In this regard we appreciate your

In addition to Deluge Scripting we have made lot of feature updates to
ZohoCreator such as

1. Import/Export Data.
2. Modify Field type.
3. Create application from Excel Sheet.
4. Create application from Deluge script.
5. RSS/JSON feeds.
6. Sophisticated Views with Filters, Sorting, Paging.
7. Different types of View(Table, Calendar, Summary).
8. Embed Forms and Views in your external website

The details on the latest updates in ZohoCreator can be found here

That's very exciting, I'll see if I have time to test drive that Deluge scripting.

My new router doesn't work

Brought D-Link 624S SuperG storage router Monday this week, it didn't work. Rang up service of my ISP to check on the modem as I thought the model I have is pretty old and outdated, it was a NEC ATU R-300 with only 1 outgoing port. The wireless part was OK but just that it didn't connect to the ISP.

Too bad my ISP said it wasn't their problem by switching modem, it still didn't work.

Tested that in the office and my collegue will take that back home tonight to have another go at it. I didn't think standard gear like this could give me problem?!

The reason for a storage router is that my notebook at home, which is a DELL, has a pretty full 40G HDD. With a storage router I could plug in a larger external HDD as NAS, Network Attached Storage, to the router. A router with stronger signal will also enable me to work outside at the dinning table rather than in the tiny study.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

zooomr 2.0 is coming

Hold your breath it's coming in 2 days. I would say most urgently zooomr needs a good desktop uploading tool and ways to organise folder/sets/tags etc and/or integration with browser like flock or a FF extension. Otherwise it's as good as flickr.

zooomr2zooomr2Hosted on Zooomr

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Typo 4.0 is getting ready

I tried Typo 2.6 in here using Site5's auto-installer. From this post I know 4.0 is rolling out soon. I have posted a comment here asking how I could upgrade to 4.0 if I know nothing about rails and gem etc.

MeCommerce Beta

Signed up MeCommerce on 1 July, yesterday received their signup invitation. Now you see the ads on the sidebar in 2 of my themes.

Don't know what they do? See this from their website

A new way to earn money from your website or blog, by selling books, DVDs, and CDs. You'll earn 50% of the proceeds above the cost of products sold.

You decide exactly what kind of books and music you want sold on your site. You even decide what colors to use in the product window to match and feel like a part of your website.

You only offer products you want, in the way you want it to look, and we take care of the rest

When you copy their codes there aren't choices for the width and the height but you could adjust them to suit. I have changed them from 160x600 to 200x650 just to show all words in the ads.

Worth also seeing TechCrunch's coverage here.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Zooomr Pro account

Well that was quick, now I got a pro account with them.
Hello and welcome to Zooomr Pro, becauseiwrite!

Zooomr Pro will allow you to upload 2GB of photos every month with unlimited storage!

To start uploading more photos, please visit this url:

Or, to view your photos page, you may visit this url:

zooomr giving out pro account, be quick!

Read the instruction here, sign up here if you haven't yet. With just a brief look I can only say this is a good flickr alternative.

My uploaded photo below

P1020015P1020015Hosted on Zooomr

Done deal

The negotiation game I talked about here has finished. The paper was signed yesterday and I wasn't too pleased.

Well what can I say? I wasn't at the driving seat I can't really control where we should be going can I? However there are learnings that I have obtained from this experience which will be useful in case I have my hands on the wheel next time.

Friday, July 7, 2006

Learning CSS

This one at BrainJar is a must read if you want to design your own theme or layout of your webpage.

The best illustration I have seen so far to explain margin, padding and border etc is here. You should always make these links handy unless you are designing things like this for a living.

Last but not least this reference in Particletree is also very useful.

The game goes on

The tough negotiation goes on.

It appears that even professional people don't use terms appear in text book about negotiations. Terms such as ZOPA, BATNA, RP etc are not used by professionals.

To me this is like the World Cup matches. It's not about how good you are or what strengths you have over the other side. The referee plays an important role in the game and like all players in the field he's human too. If you think the outcome is unfair, too bad, referee's decision is final.

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Thursday, July 6, 2006

Theme Switcher

I have turned on the theme switcher plugin. Now you have few choices at the end of the sidebar for the themes that I like most. I have done customization on all of these themes.

I have also aligned the sidebar groups such that they all look more or less the same in all themes.

Wednesday, July 5, 2006

IE7 beta 3

I have used beta 2, didn't like it, uninstalled it and now trying beta 3 again. Get it here if you want.

Firstly you have to remove older beta version before trying this one. It's a big download so you'll have more than enough time for a coffee or two.

It appears to be a bit faster, better display (e.g. my site here, color is still a bit blurred on the sidebar) but overall there are improvements.

Saturday, July 1, 2006

Next Week

Next week will be very exciting at work.    After few years of hard work the make or break moment has come.

I think our team, full of stars, will surprise the other side.     If you see it like football game we are having the best players money could buy.    Well you may say that the all stars team doesn't equate to victory, I know I know but we are trying our best.

After all it's like a game.   We play it professionally.   As long as we have done our best there'll be no regret!