Thursday, July 13, 2006

Deluge Scripting in ZohoCreator

I asked a dummies like question in this post. Zoho comes back recently and said
The help link at the top of of the ZohoCreator website will get you
started with Deluge Scripting. Deluge is in its preliminary stage. Its
being improved progressively based on the feedback from ZohoCreator
Users both internal and external. In this regard we appreciate your

In addition to Deluge Scripting we have made lot of feature updates to
ZohoCreator such as

1. Import/Export Data.
2. Modify Field type.
3. Create application from Excel Sheet.
4. Create application from Deluge script.
5. RSS/JSON feeds.
6. Sophisticated Views with Filters, Sorting, Paging.
7. Different types of View(Table, Calendar, Summary).
8. Embed Forms and Views in your external website

The details on the latest updates in ZohoCreator can be found here

That's very exciting, I'll see if I have time to test drive that Deluge scripting.

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