Monday, July 17, 2006

Latest from the Theme Blender

The default theme you now see is Ajay's Connection Reloaded blended with NewZen sidebar.

This adds probably my last theme to the list of themes I like most to the theme switcher. Blending these two themes wasn't difficult, herhaps a little easier than Kubrick + NewZen. Although Kubrick was said to be the default but it isn't easy to understand for beginners as the codes to generate it's skin are everywhere in CSS, header and function files.

I'm sure I may have few bolts and nuts left over on the table, may be Ajay can help me clicking through the theme. I'll be grateful to his comments, if any.

Again I'm unable to emulate the appearence of ul and ol listing within expanded sidebar groups due to my lack of CSS skill. I'll work further on that later.

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