Monday, July 31, 2006

Movie - Cars

We went to the movie CARS with my 4.5 years boy. He loves cars. He got bored with the movie in 30 minutes, why, it's too hard for him to understand.

I was discussing this movie with friends I said this movie is for those at mid-forties. Nobody agreed. How many of you really understand the meaning behind

  1. your route 66 in life

  2. how many super highway you have taken in life in order to overtake competition

  3. what beautiful people and scenes you have missed because you didn't like long and winding roads to success

  4. how many times you have given up integrity for speed

Another fact is that Pixar is 20 years old now, they have audience/followers that have grown up.

PS: One last point: do you have a head lamp that would make people around you shine?

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