Thursday, July 13, 2006

My new router doesn't work

Brought D-Link 624S SuperG storage router Monday this week, it didn't work. Rang up service of my ISP to check on the modem as I thought the model I have is pretty old and outdated, it was a NEC ATU R-300 with only 1 outgoing port. The wireless part was OK but just that it didn't connect to the ISP.

Too bad my ISP said it wasn't their problem by switching modem, it still didn't work.

Tested that in the office and my collegue will take that back home tonight to have another go at it. I didn't think standard gear like this could give me problem?!

The reason for a storage router is that my notebook at home, which is a DELL, has a pretty full 40G HDD. With a storage router I could plug in a larger external HDD as NAS, Network Attached Storage, to the router. A router with stronger signal will also enable me to work outside at the dinning table rather than in the tiny study.

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