Thursday, July 13, 2006

Paperless office

Got this comment about my quest for paperless office.

Have briefly looked at this iKE office which is like another one I know called springCM. Web 2.0 is about "software as service" as both of them are not new in this market they are doing exactly the right thing for a long time. Many other similar products requiring users to buy software in a box for installation on client's server are completely out of date.

I just wonder if there are ads supported opensourced solution available. What exactly is that? Well say you have designed a paperless solution, e.g. using LAMP which are all free, then distribute it freely to whoever wants it. How do you get rewarded? To do that you could add in the user interface with text ads similar to what Gmail does to your email, i.e. peeks into indexed text of the stored document and offer text ads. Of course that intranet based paperless solution stops working if an Internet connection is broken, i.e. relevant text ads is always available to the user interface.

Has anyone out there thought of that? Hey Google will you consider that? Paperless solution is something good to go with GDrive.

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