Tuesday, August 8, 2006


I did say I quite like Microsoft's IDE for software development. I'm not a trained programming professional and I don't code for a living. Below is the path I have walked passed over the years in self-learning like a dummies.

  1. Copying and learning from Microsoft.com by peeking into the HTML codes behind. Of course it's NOT the one you can see now, it was around year 2000.
  2. Read from a Microsoft publication on building Intranet site, got a silly idea of building Intranet site with hyperlink on Word and Excel.
  3. Built desktop application using VB6 connecting to Excel at remote PC on the Intranet, bad idea.
  4. Programmed Excel VBA to automate tedious operations
  5. My little project Intranet, a near paperless solution, in ASP3.0 to help co-workers in the office to quickly search/retrieve scanned file and query databases in excel files. More about this story here.

I used text editor when coding ASP 3.0 using vbscript. However it was real fun using the Excel VBA IDE. It's a great idea of having context menu whenever you press "dot", I have to say Excel VBA is pretty simple as it isn't strictly Object Oriented Programming.

Now I've been playing with ASP.NET VWD for a few days now. It's in fact quite tiring although I have a dummies book showing me the way. The VWD is quite a complicated software no wonder Visual Studio is so expensive and really it isn't kids' toy.

Although I have played with VB6 before ASP.NET is different because it uses "split class", i.e. declarations are in two places. VWD insists that your declarations are strictly correct in aspx file and also in the "code behind" files which is either in VB (VB.net or 7.0) or C#.

To be continued...

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