Wednesday, August 23, 2006

How a language is spoken

We communicate with language. Unless you know lip reading or hand sign we rely on spoken language to communicate with others.

You of course is comfortable with your so called mother tone and it would be even better and easier if you could use that with your family members or friends. Normally they understand without picking on your words, grammar or the way it's spoken.

You can't do all that in programming when it comes to language. It's very strict. Although the logic is similar and straight forward but when you speak a different language you'll be puzzled why you are not understood by the machine that you thought you can communicate with.

I have been scratching my head for hours for silly synatx error (like grammatical mistakes and punctuation erros etc in your English essay writing) and keywords etc. When you learn to speak a new language you really have to use it everyday otherwise you will keep forgetting trivial things like that.

Machines are not like human their tolerance level is very low.

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