Friday, August 18, 2006

I'm php-ing.

I did try ASP.NET as I said here and here. Too bad database connection was the part that discouraged me as I said here.

I don't particularly like IDE, except those that come free with the software such as Word and Excel, because most IDEs are built for commercial productions and costs a lot. These IDEs have productivity in mind and employers buying these expect a lot from them and from their employees using them.

For dummies and beginners text editor is best.

When I was doing ASP 3.0/vbscript I used CodeGenie developed by DolfySoft. It was a freeware few years back. It's now a shareware at $24 from softpedia.

I have recently looked at few others and picked PSPad as my tool for php scripting. Others I looked at are far more complicated for me. There is a good listing of php editors here.

My progress of learning is here for record sake

  • making connection to MySQL, obtaining dataset and displaying them;

  • simple paging control, i.e. number of rows per page, idea from Matt in a forum post but I made lots to changes to make it work;

  • fancy things like include files for CSS, functions, class and passing variables between pages etc;

I'll move onto text search soon.

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