Monday, August 14, 2006

It's almost impossible to quantify

We lunched with the Employer's site representative today. This would probably be our last lunch together on official status. We talked about old times as usual, it has been 8 years!

Without doubt we touched on the 5-6 tons of paper we disposed of when clearing offices. We prepared about 3,000 files for the discovery process for the arbitration. Employer's rep has around 1,500 files. The Employer was also copied many documents during the course of the contract. Then it was the main contractor (wasn't at the lunch table today) who has more than 200 subcontractors (we were the biggest among them). We are pretty sure they have at least 5,000 files. I'm talking about reminding quantity. I have ignored those papers we dumped every single day during the last 8 years.

We have roughly checked that each file on average contains typically 300-400 sheets of paper because we have estimated time required for pagination for discovery. Here again I have ignored those companies/vendors that worked under us. There must have been hundreds of companies who have used lots of paper in delivering a project of this scale.

Exactly how many tons of paper we have used, it's almost impossible to quantify.

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