Thursday, August 10, 2006

Meebo me again!

I have Seth's email and I replied as follows:-

Thanks for writing back. I was wrong. Here is how I first tested it. I have meebo in a window of FF then watching also my own blog in another window (am using dual monitor). I was talking to myself and I saw all the conversation so I said Je... I'm talking in open air, is this the intention? The widget does say "type here and hit enter to send a private message"?

I later tested that again with my sister thousand miles away but I couldn't see our conversation in the widget window so I corrected my blog post here.

As I said in my post as I couldn't hide myself for individual account I had to turn myself invisible most of the time when I don't want to entertain stranger. Having said this my sister can still send me message via that widget which I can see. This is a potential message spam, i.e. if your blog is popular there could be hundred of people (or spammer) punching silly text even though my widget shows "I'm offline". OK as you said I could turn it off if I want to.

I have to say the widget is a good channel that actually attracts people to go to your blog to talk to you plus knowing how many people actually arrived at your blog. I have also tested this with my sis, i.e. I asked her to edit the guest number but shouldn't that be a way to identify a friend coming in from that door, e.g. if they are meebo friends use one of their account credential such that I know he/she is a friend?

PS: this could well be a good move to attract more meebo users, e.g. only meebo users are allowed to enter or only those on widget owner's buddy lists are allowed or else comment on a post and I'll be in touch.....something like that!

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