Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Meebo me!

I'm a great fan of meebo. Their blog is one of the rare one that I read everyday because it pops up within the login tab of my firefox, I can't escape.

I have removed my mecommerce ads for this CR15-Newzen theme and inserted meebo me widget there as you can see. I have posted my comments here.

I have suggested that a feature is added (just tested this, the conversation is indeed private between your visitor and you, the owner of the blog/widget) such that private conversation, if desirable, can go on via that channel. I have also looked, but couldn't find, that in meebo it's not possible to turn myself invisible for a particular account, i.e. I have my widget in my blog but for some reasons I don't want to talk to just any visitor while I am conversing with someone else or busy with something. How can I do that?

PS: also if I am hidding (invisable for all account) visitors at my blog can still type something in which I can see so I can decide to response or not.

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