Saturday, August 26, 2006

Moving on slowly but enjoying it

interfaceI am giving up the example of AJAX form submit I mentioned here. There is no rush to learn something that I couldn't manage, is it? Instead I think a clean and pretty interface is required so I picked a tabbed header as you can see here. There are few good ones here at CSS Library.

I now have an interface that users can select which database table they want to search on. Results are displayed and they could pick any of them to look into details (or update it if signed in) in a popup window. This will enable the main result page to stay because you can go back without running the search again.

Paging control is done, i.e. like Google search result page you could navigate back and forth or any particular page number.

I have almost finished the codes for generation of checkboxes for selection of fields to search on by user "on-the-fly". On one table I have 13 and another 22 fields. I don't have to hard code the name/key of the fields and the users can pick what fields should be included in their search.

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