Tuesday, August 1, 2006

My R100 being fixed

Brought a 1.8" external HDD box last night to save my Toshiba notebook. It's a 40Gb Toshiba MK4006GAH. It's for transplanting into the notebook such that I could try recovering files from the notebook HDD which I can't get into.

I was lucky, files in the HDD can all be read. Now with the new empty HDD in the notebook I tried to run recovery from external CD drives. It wasn't easy, in fact it can't be done. For record sake on this R100
  • F1 = BIOS setup
  • F2 = select boot device
  • F8 = Windows setup
  • F12 = recovery

It's not possible to boot from external CDROM drive unless it's connected via a PC card. Alternatively you can boot from a Floppy drive connected via a USB port. For that choice we asked for help from the support center just 2 stairs above us.

Now recovery of the OS is done but there is a defect found in the display module therefore my R100 is still upstair.

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