Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What books are good for the start?

I got few books to begin with. The dummies series is always a good choice, it's easy reading and will never discourage you with too hard to understand contents. I got PHP 5 for dummies.

To start developing and practicing your skills you need to run your scripts on a local machine. This book from Sams Teach Yourself PHP, MySQL and Apache is a good one with a CD included. The step by step guide makes life easy for you in setting up your server or local PC as a developing and testing environment. The CD saves you lots of time locating and downloading the opensource software. Just follow the steps you'll be ready to test run your first script in no time.

I have to say these 2 books are easy for beginners but I found them pretty used up within couple of weeks. I looked to Wrox's books which I normally find them very useful in the 2nd round. Their books are always heavy weight (thick to carry) by their page numbers and contain much more information than you would normally need as a begineer. I always find them handy as a desk reference. I just brought this one few days ago.

To my slight disappointment the Wrox book was dated 2004 and have used PHP5 RC1 which is pretty outdated by now. I would have expected a revised edition on the shelf.

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