Friday, September 1, 2006

About me

  • 48 - This year is full of movement (so far). I seldom have to travel in recent years since I don't like it but I have done a few trips in the first half of this year. I have been to ZhaoQing, Wuxi, GuangZhau, Japan...would there be more, I don't know. Year of Pig will not be easy.

  • 47 - This year is special. I completed my 2 years EMBA programme in Chinese University of Hong Kong. Incidentally the legal battle at work has also come to an end in July after an intensive 4 days exciting adventure which I briefly mentioned here. What's next, I don't know?

  • 46 - Very soon I'll be on earth for this number of years

  • 45 - I have affinity to number 15 for some strange reasons and I have done 3 Contract 15, therefore a total of 45

  • 44 - When I was this age we lived in 22/F above Broadwood Road for about 22 months with a nice view but an expensive place. A view of fireworks every night at 8pm at either kitchen or the bedroom, even Douglas was bored with it.

  • 43 - That year we moved out from a remote town of Tai po to Happy Valley then we realize how severe air pollution was in Hong Kong. Too bad this is for my son Douglas and it was an order

  • 42 - Douglas, my son, was born

  • 41 - A happy year, as my wife said as well, Douglas was a happy boy even before he was born

  • 40 - What a nice round number but my life was extremely difficult at work. Never before in my life I thought of quitting

The title of the site is inspired by George Orwell's little book called "Why I Write". For more information about George Orwell see Orwell. At work I have to write a lot of boring stuff. All letters that I wrote fall into a template we use for business, contract, yet to form relationships (very little of this sort as I don't really sell things). Ironically we don't actually mean what we write in those letters. At the end of a big job we had to find our way out from a grave we buried ourselves in with tons of paper. You want to know how many trees we killed? Try these links for paperless office and paperless. It was also because of that drive to keep my head above an ocean of paper I was attracted to coding. Too bad what I have learnt is made outdated by waves of new way of doing things and technologies. I have started blogging in January 2005 since then have written and posted quite a lot. It was partly due to the assignments I have to do for my EMBA.

I don't code for a living, I write scripts for fun. I owned an Apple II clone at the beginning of time and was fortunate enough to have used first generation of IBM PC/AT this fact alone qualifies me to the Museum if I were in the IT high-tech industry, fortunate enough I'm not. I believe software, both the use of and design/development, should be easy enough for laypeople. It should be as easy as chess that has a place in elderly home.

ASP 3.0 was my favourite some years ago as it was BASIC enough. My attempt to climb ASP.Net 2.0 was not smooth hence making the switch to PHP/MySQL real fun. In fact I love opensourceware and believe in the power of the community.

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