Monday, September 18, 2006

Coffee N Cream

I consider this theme more or less done, check it out here at my test site.

It's quite nice in Firefox but not so perfect in IE7 RC1 that I'm using. In IE the sub-categories don't get the indent and fonts are not very smooth for some reasons.

It FF it's almost perfect. The template isn't mine, credits in the footer and codes are mostly from WP's default Kubrick theme. The sidebar codes are inspired by Fauxzen's NewZen theme. This time, instead of using his code files, I have done it from ground up making sure I understand fully how to build it up from scratch. I think I could convert sidebar of any theme now to collaspable type just like this.

I'm looking for a nice and matching header image for this theme which I have yet to find a name for.

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