Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Header image

The default WP's theme named Kubrick is a mix of love and hate. Lots of people love it and are still using it. There are probably equal amount of WP bloggers hate it for many reasons.

For me it is a matter of first impression you either like it or you don't. It's hard to explain why. If you are just blogger who believes outlook is more important than content then you'll be hunting for better themes naturally. If you like to play with the codes behind WordPress (they said "CODE IS POETRY") [tag]Kubrick[/tag] isn't the one for beginners. From WP's support forum even the moderators said Kubrick theme is notoriously difficult to tweak.

I come across this support forum post recently. Now if you are bored with the blue simplistic header image of Kubrick theme you now have more than 50 different choices of header image which you could replace the boring simple blue default color header. These images are really nice and they are from stock.xchng. Perhaps I should also look for one to replace my own version of Kubrick theme which is available at my theme switcher here.

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