Thursday, September 14, 2006

New Set of Code Files

I have replaced the codes last night. The codes behind are mostly from Kubrick now.

The CSS have also been improved/tidied up a bit with a trick for shallow for blockquote now added. See this example here. For more CSS tricks see CSS Play.
Put this to use is a bit clumsy. You have to put 2 nested classes around the ‘blockquote’ tags. I wonder if there is a easier way.

For a smaller box like this a different class is used.
I’m developing this on FF and everything looks fine. On IE7 RC1 the colored box within the blockquote box is a bit out, that can be fixed I guess but not a priority at the moment now fixed.
The tag cloud is also not working in IE7 wonder if a special class is required just for this browser

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