Friday, September 15, 2006

Still on Coffee N Cream

Managed to complete adding shallow to blockquote and tracked the bug such that on IE7 it still looks nice. However found another problem which is UTW tag cloud display on IE7 doesn't look like a cloud at all.

Tonight have also standardized the font size for the sidebar. For me it's a lot quicker to debug if sizes are specified in pixel rather than in em.

The current todo list:
  1. Alignment for post title with post body;
  2. IE7 compatibility at sidebar (not urgent);
  3. Use image for the header (yet to look for one);
  4. Collaspable sidebar group (hesitating);
  5. Further simplify CSS file;

Use your Firefox head over here to have a look. Leave your comments or any ugly things you saw in here.

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