Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Theory of Everything

Mankind has been pursuing this for hundred of years. 101 years ago Albert Einstein offered a solution that almost hit our target. That equation or theory is E = mc2.

I am half way in reading iCon Steve Jobs. Steve is named the greatest Evangelist of the high tech world I then come up with my view on the Theory of Everything, the human side of it.

Evangelist (who is full of Energy of course) = Mass x Courage x Committment.

Today whatever you do you are trying to win a "mass" of people. This "mass" could be your customers, followers, people that work with you or your investors. You can't turn vision into reality unless you have courage and committment.

In management basically you are selling/preaching/promoting something, it could be an incentive you offer to motivate, a vision, theory, yourself(charisma). A lot of people don't actually know what they are selling.

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