Friday, October 20, 2006

Bring Theory into Life, Use Life Experience to Enhance your Theory - Part I

There is a Delifrance restaurant near where I work. It was a takeaway/fast food type shop rather than a restaurant until their recent conversion. Now you can seat comfortably, place your order and enjoy a meal without people waiting next to you.

The operation was sort of OK during first week of the new operation now it is almost intolerable. Why we still go there couple of times a week? It is a great opportunity watching their operation, while eating/waiting/chasing, and fantasize away how such an operation can be improved. The Manager there ran around like a rat, orders were wrongly delivered and people complaining checking out took longer than the meal itself.... All in all we can see the morale of the team there is touching the floor.

I feel there isn't much difference in the core of managing a restaurant than any other operation/business. You can feel what are being done wrong looking from the outside. Life experience like this will enhance the theory you have as a tool at work. The trouble is that once you are inside will you act differently and objectively? Who dare to say "...I made a mistake...blame me if you will, let me fix it...."

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