Thursday, October 26, 2006

ezCount Plugin

This [tag]plugin[/tag] is an all in one plugin putting together various smaller plugins by Anders Holte Nielsen, his plugin project page is here. Again I have used these for quite a while and found it tedious of copying and pasting 6 plugins from folder to folder and activating them one by one. Now all six (he has total of 7 in fact, I dropped the one for number of characters in posts) smaller plugins become one. I have only one to activate and using it at sidebar or footer is a lot easier.

In the past I have to do this in the sidebar

  • users registered

  • posts here

  • words in all posts

  • categories

  • users have made comments

  • comments so far

With ezCount plugin I can do this for a typical sidebar display
<?php if (function_exists('ezCount')) {
ezCount('','wordcount',' words here');
','usercount',' users registered');
','usercommentcount',' users commented');
','msgcount',' posts');
','commentcount',' comments posted');
','categorycount',' categories'); } ?>

To use it at footer, I can

Just see them at my sidebar and footer as illustration.

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