Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Fluid design - problem with IE

My 0.2-bb-right is completely [tag]fluid[/tag]. If you sequeeze the width too much while there is an image in your post you’ll get below in IE7RC1. The image will be pushed down to below the right sidebar.


In my 0.2-bb-left design where the sidebar on the left is of fixed width the situation is still the same in IE7, see below.


In Firefox it’s good without me doing anything special. You’ll see from below that the image will take care of itself, i.e. stepping into the right sidebar without disappearing downwards. That tells you that you are sequeezing too much and should stop right there.


If the sidebar is on the left and of fixed width, you’ll see below. The text still wraps and the image cuts off by the edge of the browser.


There must be a way to handle IE7 in this case for a [tag]fluid design[/tag]. I just have to keep looking.

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