Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My first plugin

I didn't write the original script for the function, I put below in the plugin description

Allow you to login/logout without leaving the site original script by Michael Hampton, his sidebar login form hack is here

I just packaged it into a plugin making it easy to use. I did add couple of new things such as:
  1. Link to recover lost password
  2. Show your display name and user level after logged in

To use in your sidebar, do this

Arguments are for:
arg1=input box size
arg2=text on the right of the username input box
arg3=text on the right of the password input box
arg4=text for the login button
arg5=greeting text when logged in
arg6=text for the logout link

Try logging in using 'guest' and pwd='guest'. Download the latest version from here.


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  2. [...] Brandon, I have turned the scripts originally by ioerror into a plugin which makes it a lot easier to implement. Check out details here in this post and the latest version is described here. Download page is here where you could grab the latest version 0.2 of this ezLogin plugin. [...]

  3. Is it possible to display the Write, Manage, Profile link in between the site admin and log out link after users logged in? Cause it would be more convenient to click Write link on the main page to write an entry rather than going thru Site Admin=>Dashboard=>Write to write an entry =)

  4. Too bad it does not work with widgets

  5. Hi,

    Great plugin wrap. I couldn't believe WP didn't have this built in! Two questions:

    1) If I enter the wrong username/password combo, I get redirected to the standard ugly WP login page - it'd be much nicer if we stay in our site them and a message saying 'invalid login' is shown or something like that. Is it possible?

    2) I'm using a custom theme and the spacing of the login section is a little off and has repainting problems through IE7. I'll take a look at this and see if I can improve it.

    Thanks for the plugin,