Thursday, October 5, 2006

RSS reader

I see that Netvibes is still the best [tag]RSS reader[/tag]. I have been using it and watching it evolves. I have used others but still find them the best. It triggers a memory leak problem when used in Firefox, not their fault really I think, so I used it in IE.

IE6 and IE7RC1 couldn't display Netvibes correctly if you have too many 'tabs'. Now I see that it does it correctly and tabs are wrapped to a second row.

Google Reader also has a new interface but [tag]Netvibes[/tag] is far ahead in terms of user interface and ease of use. In fact I was checking out Google Reader then realized that I haven't loaded Netvibes for a while and was delighted to see their 'new face'. Netvibes' redesign was also featured in TechCrunch's post here.

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