Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Does integrity sell?

I saw it a while ago in newspaper. Jack Walsh in one of his expensive talks to students said 'integrity' is nothing because it's not measurable. Anything that is not measurable is useless...something like that.

This is very debatable. What exactly is integrity, does it sell in your organization? Is your integrity visible or do you want it visible? Does it help if your integrity is visible or could that be harmful?

Depending on the circumstances answers could be very different. So what can you say to the younger generation, your team-mates or your kids?

I like to use cooking/food as analogy because that's what you do everyday. Integrity is like healthy food that upkeep your health. You don't suddenly get better by having a healthy meal with right proportion of vegetables/water/meat for just one day or finish the good soup that you mom asked you to consume. It has to be a consistent act of a good habit. The discouraging part of it is that no experts/doctors can guarantee your longevity even if you do eat healthy food everyday. That’s the question. Does integrity give you strength to climb the ladder?

Lots of people choose to take delicious food for pleasure. Some of them realize they have been hurting themselves before it's too late, some were not that lucky even to know before they were dismissed.

I have my body check recently, first time in my life really for such a thorough check. I was lucky as most measurements are satisfactory. I am thankful to my dear wife at home who likes healthy home made food.

I don’t have an answer about integrity, nobody does I guess as every situation is unique. What I have been doing is be myself. While getting old I come to understand a bit more about my two closest friends they are my body and my soul. I do have a pile of healthy food by my pillow which I consume before going to bed.

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