Sunday, November 19, 2006

ezLogin plugin

Got a comment from Brandon about login script at sidebar in my earlier post here.

Brandon, I have turned the scripts originally by ioerror into a plugin which makes it a lot easier to implement. Check out details here in this post and the latest version is described here. Download page is here where you could grab the latest version 0.2 of this ezLogin [tag]plugin[/tag].

If you want to format it nicely you could wrap the call to the plugin by a class or id selector in your CSS. You could also adjust the width of the input box to suit the width of your sidebar.


  1. Sorry bud its not working on my page. It seems to only show that I'm logged in and my name is hidden in the background. I did everything described but the instructions aren't so "plain". I was able to get the older version working but all of the rest shifted to the left and it looked like crap. If you can help me to get it in-line with and look like everything on my sidebar I would really appreciate it. Thanks so much for your help! I can send you the files and or give you my username password?

  2. Wow, now my sidebar has disappeared oce I logged out? It had been at least showing my name, even though hidden an non-formatted.