Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Local Talent

I thought I have read enough about IT matters, I am wrong.

Not until recently I didn't know we have locally based IT superstars. Hongkongers are really capable of competing in the global arena on software/IT.

EditGrid is an online spreadsheet which is as good as (or better than?) Google's docs & spreadsheet or [tag]Zoho[/tag]'s Zoho sheet. Proudly say it's purely Hong Kong.

Another hero is Network Box who has good reputation of providing UTM, unified threat management, using 'push' technology giving you around the clock protection.

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  1. The power of the web as it allows communication like this. This is David from the EditGrid Team. I came here from Technorati (searching for EditGrid).

    I think every city has its top 1% IT talent. The ability to hire/partner with those 1% means the ability to complete in the worldwide market. Hong Kong, of course, has its top 1%.