Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Paperless solution demonstration

I went to see a demo recently. I was surprised to have met someone I knew from Asta System. If fact there is a story behind my encounter with that gentlemen. I published an article in ASP101 some years ago about paperless solution. That gentlement read that article and emailed me so I said 'hey we are in the same little city, let's meet'. Then we came out for a chat and his company sells paperless solution.

To be honest the demo I saw the other day isn't too impressive. I just said to myself 'I could write that too, just give me couple of years....'. Of course I couldn't possibly be capable of producing a commercial product like that, still it wasn't that attractive at first glance. I think it's about 3-4 years behind.

There is another firm here in Hong Kong called Axisoft who is providing paperless solution to a few government departments here. I wish I could have a look one day.

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