Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Sunset Theme version 0.38

I never like dark theme. I did this one for sake of practicing. I think dark themes are not long lasting and it doesn't look good when you have images or icons which are not made specially for the 'darkness'. E.g. scripts that are provided free from Technorati or Google searchbar may not look good in dark themes, perhaps I'm not skillful enough to tweak these to suit.

The header image is a very nice one I took earlier at the little Disneyland theme park here. I was quite tired when I took that picture but the beautiful colors in the sky attracted me.

Things yet to do for this Sunset theme are:
  1. sidebar indent looks right on Firefox but a bit too much for IE7, must be fixed

  2. 9 errors on validation mostly from the ezLogin plugin

  3. remove a:visited from sidebar links

  4. On IE7 the 'h3' font size looks a lot larger on sidebar

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