Thursday, November 30, 2006

Top 1% local talent

I can't agree more with David's comment on my last post.

I haven't tried out [tag]EditGrid[/tag] yet therefore it's not really suitable for me to comment on their merits against other similar products.

There is however one thing that came to my mind, is there anything that these local top 1% talent can do for the community here?

I heard recently about how much paper our schools are wasting here. What if someone could build something to help them for free and get sponsorships from local businesses or suppliers doing businesses with these schools? E.g. a portal for online storage, archives and retrievals of digitized documents.

I know hosting and data centers are expansive here but as big enterprises have been saying that they support education and would be socially and environmentally responsible I don't see why project like this isn't a 'good cause'?

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