Thursday, November 2, 2006

When Microsoft turns its head...

Even for beginners like me, who can only do simple scripts, I won't attempt running PHP on IIS. I know you could setup IIS that comes free with XP to run PHP but the risk is that something weird may happen knowing what Microsoft is like. They just don't like supporting open source platform.

Now MSFT has changed tact, strange isn't it. Microsoft and PHP specialist Zend have worked hand in hand to provide support, using FastCGI, for PHP on IIS platform. See this Yahoo news or the official statement from MSFT/Zend for more details.

It looks like that MSFT sees that more and more competitors are providing free support to PHP, e.g. Google's Zend data client library and IBM, so the community is getting larger and larger that they can't ignore.

This proves again my belief, i.e. there is also cost of ownership for knowledge, if the community is large enough transaction costs of acquiring the knowledge is lower hence making it easier and more attractive for beginners. Although I have little bit of background VBScript and ASP I found it difficult to catch the train. It was a lot easier for me to self-taught PHP if I didn't know something I just "google it...".

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