Monday, December 18, 2006

The Clock Tower at Star Ferry

Use 'star ferry' and 'clock tower' in Google search you'll get more than 30,000 results. This is pretty hot these few days.

This article in The Guardian is worth reading. The Queen's Pier will be next and just by its name her destiny has long been determined by the SAR Government.

I'm not that sentimental about this clock tower although I'm nearly as old as it. I would say it was the ferry terminal, which has been poorly maintained all these years , that I have memory of. It was also the chime of the clock and not the image of the clock that I would like to preserve. Hong Kong people is famous of rushing all day I just wonder how many times in my life I have actually sat there and watched the tower.

What is interesting about this crisis (for the Government) or this memorable event (for the demonstrators) is about the drives behind those young demonstrators? What are the drives behind the emotions? I don't think it's the clock tower itself. What have they perceived of the Government's actions or inaction? I think that is a topic worth discussing rather than whether or not we should rebuild the tower physically.

Perhaps it's sad to ask '...what is wrong with the value system of our SAR Government?...'

Not too far away across the diminishing harbour there are 5 masts. I think they are going as well because the bus terminus will also be relocated. Didn't you have your first date there some years ago! Act now before it's too late!

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