Saturday, December 16, 2006

My talk at the Bank

I was asked by a friend to deliver a little talk to her colleagues. The requirements were simple: fun and interactive. I was asked earlier what topics I could talk comfortably, without second thought I said "IT, English and Environmental Protection". In hindsight these topics are extremely boring I should have said "work, sleep and play".

As I said yesterday I did put down some notes for myself. I didn't like what I have done actually because my plan didn't work and my talk was too jumpy.

As promised I publish my own notes here.

Do you know about yourself?
Have you analyzed yourself?
Do you know much about yourself?
Do you know your motives?
Do you know your value system?

If you don’t know about yourself how can you see others…and find your other half? In most cases we make mistakes because we don’t know what we want….chasing something we don’t want.

Be a detective at work, in life, balanced life 1/3 in bed, 1/3 at work, 1/3 (the other leg to support a tripod) to support your work and good sleep. Most people don’t see this, i.e. work happily and to have quality sleep.

Be a detective in life, why? Because we want to trace deep into our own value system.

Use example…to explain complicated issues, you don’t have to be well educated or need a PhD to be a detective in life. There are lots of examples around you….just read newspapers, read a person next to you, read the one you see in the mirror. 'The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind...the answer my friend is blowin' in the wind...".

How to be interactive with yourself…just talking to the mirror?

Best learning is to teach therefore best way to learn about yourself is to teach. E.g if you want to know how much you know about computer, try teaching computer then you’ll know.

If you want to know how you should behave try teaching your kid then your kid will tell you straight answers like a mirror “….dad why you don’t do the same…”

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