Wednesday, January 31, 2007

This is called “Simply White”

This (PS: now called [tag]Sunrise[/tag]) is again a variation from the Barebones series. A javascript menu from DHTMLGoodies is used. It worked OK except

  1. Theme Switcher, it's broken in both FF and IE7 I think there is something to do with the plugin which I have to look into.
  2. Simple Recent Comment plugin. My modified version didn't work, a fix should be straight forward.


I'm not talking about the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (Wiki) that you know.

In everyday management we have a lot of these especially those that suffer from Mid-Life crisis.

What is Mid-Life crisis for companies? If a company is 40 years old it's actual age is more than that. Of course it depends on the type of company also. If it was a startup 40 years ago and has been in dictatorship since then surely it suffers from this crisis. Another key feature of this type of company is the age, background, freshness of the senior management or the members of the board. This information is normally in the public domain if the company is listed.

What happens to a company if it suffers from mid-life crisis? Well it's more or less like me I guess. I felt lost, lack of energy mentally, in search of satisfaction but didn't know where to look and most serious of all is the sense of insecurity.

To cure is to start again. For me it was to start learning as an expert beginner (read from Jim Collins book), meeting new friends, trying new things (e.g. raising a kid or learn to play piano) in order to refresh/recharge/rebuild/resurrect oneself.

This isn't easy for a company especially those large ones. I'm just a piece of wire that is out of tune. A company is a Grand Concert Piano with 88 keys that needs tuning. The difficult part is tuning while music goes on. Guess who's playing same old tune all these years?

It was said that " can only tune a piano if it's in tune....". This is very true for a large corporation where it is so tightly interwoven internally, system so rigidly accustomed to, stone age mindset uncrackable and most damaging of all is "...what good does it do for me from the change...".

Change management in companies that suffer from mid-life crisis are ending up in a NATO = "No Action Talk Only".

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Snap Preview Anywhere

If you are using snap's SPA then you have to read their FAQ. I just turned the preview of internal links ON. I think it's more like links of the same domain. Before I turned this one other sites of the same domain are not shown.

Ajay has done a plugin as well if you are running Wordpress and prefer a plugin over adding the script to your theme.

Saturday, January 27, 2007


The post and subsequent conversation here about Habari are interesting.   If you are capable of trying here it is.    You also must read this from Chris J Davis.

Back in mid 2005 when I was considering to switch to a hosted solution I picked WordPress basically by reading comments, I think I made a good choice.

I do hope that Habari is not another Logahead.   I'm pretty sure it won't be knowing the big names behind the project.

The other way to search

Snap is the other way to search. I have just added their free link previewer at this site so if you mouse over link here you'll see a preview window of that link, cool isn't it.

Performancing's blogrank has retired and gone.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Must read for WP2.1

If you are a serious user of WordPress you'd better read Lorelle's posts. If you are a theme/template/plugin designer ericulous is also a must read.

I also have work to do on my themes and plugins but in the mean time they all work properly.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

My themes are good for 2.1

I'm happy to say that my themes [tag]sunset[/tag] and [tag]jellyfish[/tag] are all good for the new WP2.1. I even upgraded my site without deactivating the theme. The only tweak you need is on the sidebar codes for the display of links if you have more than one categories to display. That could be tricky see this post here and this thread in the forum.

Good luck upgrading.

WordPress 2.1 - Part 2

My host is fast this time, I have one click upgrade to 2.1 now knowing that 2.1 Ella was only released 2 days ago.

Over the years I have experimental WP sites setup for testing things out today I have tried one-click upgrading from a few earlier versions which are all OK, e.g. from 1.5.2, 2.0.2, 2.0.4 and 2.0.6 etc. In my last few upgrades I even got aggressive without deactivating plugins and reverting to default theme.

Keep up the good work, WordPress team!

PS: I also solved the get_links vs wp_list_bookmarks problem, see this thread.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

WordPress 2.1

Justed upgraded at localhost environment to WordPress 2.1.    I'm running XAMPP and PHP 5.1.6.

The purpose is to test out my plugins [tag]ezLogin[/tag] and [tag]ezCount[/tag].    ezLogin 0.2 is OK for WP2.1 but there are minor issues (PS: apparently this is OK with WP2.1 as I tested it at my sister's site here) with ezCount which I have to look into but at present it won't break your site or theme.   It just throws a couple of invalid arguments at you, that's all.

WordPress version 2.1

I have to move my sister's site from here to here as I don't want to pay for the domain name.

The drill of moving content between sites using WP-dbManager didn't work so I had to use XML export and import. Site5 also provided one click install for WP 2.0.6 only therefore I upgraded my installation to 2.0.7 manually.

What I have done was of bad timing. WP version 2.1 just released yesterday. One of the new feature is '...The lossless XML import and export makes it easy for you to move your content between WordPress blogs....'.

I have a few blogs still running not so up-to-date versions of WordPress I guess I'll wait until my host offers one click upgrade using fantastico. I'll also watch comments about stability of this new version as I saw people hitting brick wall when moving up to 2.0.5. Also 2.0.7 was released only 10 days after I'll be cautious.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Moved site for Karen

I moved sister's site from here to here.    I'm going to give up the domain name soon.

There are few things that I have changed in the Jellyfish template since I uploaded it here.

  1. Added alignright and alignleft classes
  2. Frame for image using that from this sunset theme
  3. Link to my sites at footer

There are couple of problems that I have yet to solve, they are

  • Link colors are no good when the background 'blue' is light
  • There is a line when the images join together
  • May be an image for the footer or a better color to match
In the mean time I think the theme is OK for use.

Friday, January 19, 2007


[tag]Jellyfish[/tag] is the name of a new version using barebones 0.4 as the base.

I have this idea of using few photos I took at Ocean Park recently. I think the colors of the Jellyfish are amazing. If you don't see this theme click open 'version rollback' on the sidebar and select 'jellyfish'.

It's not final yet as I still have to adjust colors and may be a suitable image for the footer.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Amazing colors

We bought Annual Gold Pass, have now been to Ocean Park twice. Below photo can't really express how pretty they are, you have to see them with your eyes.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My contribution

I have been WordPressing since September 2005. I couldn't contribute anything at all until I know a little bit about it. The blogging platform WordPress is free and the support, from anything technical to soliciting comments on your own choice of colors, is provided by volunteers. There are also hundreds of geeks, professionals and enthusiasts around the world designing templates, themes and writing plugins to make it better.

I can only contribute if I know enough about it. Late last year I finally managed to write 2 little plugins, although not strictly originals, to give back to the community. I also designed a template/theme for my own use.

I naturally provided download links at my site here about template building and plugins. This morning I found that total download exceeded 500, see image below.

download count

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heart or Mind?

I didn't sleep well last night.

The few pages I read in the book "Leaving Microsoft to Change The World" about a Vietnamese kid named Vu the author John Wood, CEO of Room To Read, met went into my dream. I brought John's book in the EMBA conference and I'm now about mid way through.

I woke and my mind switched to another matter at work.

I was consulted by a friend who has a colleague injured at work. The injured is a young lady who jumped from her car while driving within a job site. She is badly injured. My friend is merely a document handler of the issue. Her priorities are obviously the well being of her colleague who is still in hospital worrying about lots of things such as insurance, liability, duty unfinished and job security etc on top of her own recovery.

A strong contrast the Manager in charge of the job site thinks otherwise. His mind was about
  • Is that spot outside our work boundary such that the accident doesn't affect my statistics?

  • Can I not report to that policy such that my premium payment won't be jacked up?

  • When can the vehicle involved in the accident be disposed of such that I don't have to pay for storage?

My friend said she felt sad about this Manager setting his priorities wrong. Can you see the difference? One used her heart another one used his mind at work. If I were his boss he'll be browsing classified post during weekday in his pajamas by now.

Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency

I didn't write a lot recently but this one is important.

To know what is Vertebrobasilar Insufficiency or VBI in short click the link. I know what it is not because I read about it. If I don't write this post I really may forget about this experience.

This happened to me the other night which was quite scary until my Doctor explained to me.

It was near morning and I was sleeping on my right arm. My head was also slightly down from my pillow therefore with my neck right on the rim of a new pillow. I woke and felt the need for a toilet visit. I sat up and saw the room around me was turning like a merry-go-round. I managed to stand up, advanced slowly in about 10 steps to toilet. It was really lucky that I didn't fall on the floor.

I obviously had no clue as to what happened. I quickly gained flatness on my bed again then started thinking what was going on. The room around me on the left was still revolving but slowed a bit and when I looked left it was nearly stationary.

My doctor explained that it was probably the vertebral and basilar arteries were pressed against the new pillow with a harder than desirable edge causing poor blood circulation on my right hand side. The temporary block or insufficient blood circulation caused dizziness. The fact that my body weight was on my left also didn't help.

Can you control you behaviour in dreams?

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Gmail stopped counting

Have you noticed that at the Welcome to Gmail page the little counter at the bottom telling you the ever increasing mailbox storage has stopped?

It stopped at 2800 megabytes (counting resumed few hours later, I noticed) but states also that 'and counting' in brackets. I have one of my gmail account nearly full I wonder what will happen if I get to 2800 Mb quicker than Gmail.