Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heart or Mind?

I didn't sleep well last night.

The few pages I read in the book "Leaving Microsoft to Change The World" about a Vietnamese kid named Vu the author John Wood, CEO of Room To Read, met went into my dream. I brought John's book in the EMBA conference and I'm now about mid way through.

I woke and my mind switched to another matter at work.

I was consulted by a friend who has a colleague injured at work. The injured is a young lady who jumped from her car while driving within a job site. She is badly injured. My friend is merely a document handler of the issue. Her priorities are obviously the well being of her colleague who is still in hospital worrying about lots of things such as insurance, liability, duty unfinished and job security etc on top of her own recovery.

A strong contrast the Manager in charge of the job site thinks otherwise. His mind was about
  • Is that spot outside our work boundary such that the accident doesn't affect my statistics?

  • Can I not report to that policy such that my premium payment won't be jacked up?

  • When can the vehicle involved in the accident be disposed of such that I don't have to pay for storage?

My friend said she felt sad about this Manager setting his priorities wrong. Can you see the difference? One used her heart another one used his mind at work. If I were his boss he'll be browsing classified post during weekday in his pajamas by now.

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