Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Blog from Windows Live Writer

This is a post sent from beta version 1.0.1(6).    Get a free copy here.   Download is a 3.58Mb msi file.

Installation and detection of this blog was a breeze if you have your blog installed on root domain.      I have to manually enter blog url since this blog is installed on a subdomain.

This works like a word processor and interface is clean and easy to use.    Features are pretty full considering this is only a beta, you have

  1. Date/time editing using a calendar
  2. Comments open/close
  3. Trackback allow/deny
  4. Categories selection (can't find add new category?)
  5. Tag insertion
  6. Download all your published posts (all, I doubted as there are over 800 here?)
  7. Automatic save drafts
  8. View in normal, web layout, web preview and HTML
  9. Like Word you have automatic spell check before publishing and even autocorrect
  10. Preview in broswer mode and updating of style such that preview is accurate

Best of all, which makes blogging straight from Word 2007 useless, is that you could view/edit HTML code.

If you are a developer you could write plugin to make this better, e.g. a good plugin now available is flickr4writer.

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