Tuesday, February 27, 2007

ezComments 0.1

This [tag]ezComments[/tag] [tag]plugin[/tag] is now at usable state.   This takes 7 arguments.

  • arg1, default = 1, i.e. track/pingback and comments are mingled together.   Use 0 to separately group them;
  • arg2, number of comments to be shown;
  • arg3, number of words of comments to be displayed;
  • arg4, text to be inserted between comment author name and date of comment;
  • arg5, html tag before each comment, default = <li>;
  • arg6, html tag after each comment; default = </li>;
  • arg7, time zone difference in hours.    If current time generated by time() is behind server timestamp of the comment then the time difference will be shown as negative. This can be verified by submitting a comment and tell the time difference by this plugin. The arg7 is then the figure displayed, in my case it was entered as '-5';

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