Thursday, February 22, 2007

ezLogin 0.31

One more link added to this [tag]plugin[/tag] now at version 0.31.

It was like this at 0.3

I thought I could make them shorter and simpler so it looks like this now at 0.31

Is this better? "Admin" (username) is a link when clicked brings you to the page where you could change your profile/change password. Now you can see number of comments in moderation as well so you could go moderating your comments with just one click.

Download page is here, this post shows you how to use it in your sidebar.


  1. Thank you for working on this great plugin. I widgitized version .2 and moved things around to suit my needs as follows:

    Codes for the widgetized version by David has been taken down. That will be provided as a download in due course. I may try to convert the latest 0.32 into a widgetized version.

  2. [...] David for writing in, his comment is here.    He has done a widgetized plugin version.    John said it here [...]

  3. I think that this is a very nice plugin, is it possible to integrate a tag with it such that people will only see hidden web links after logging in?

    Eg. some links I want to add

    I think it would be nice and convenient if its possible to have additional contents added to the website after frens logged in. Eg. personal contacts etc just a suggestion though :)

  4. This plugin is Awesome!!! I am trying to get it to display the logged in users picture as well by using this plugin:

    I am sure it's probably pretty easy, I just don't know php that well. I will keep trying but if someone with more experience can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Probably take you alot less time than me! haha. Please help. Thanks.