Thursday, February 8, 2007

Script writer, detector what are you?

I don't know why.    I do this all the time.

Be a life detective is what I have written about earlier.    If I'm really analyzed by a professional then the outcome could be that I'm not confident enough in what I do.

In my first job in this industry I had to work very long hours, it was a tiny little company with only a few people.    I also spent many "brain hours" outside the office to get myself mentally prepared.    Perhaps I was scared to be unprepared at work.    That became a habit.

When I have gained a bit more experience I enjoy predicting outcome, e.g. how my client will react, what was in his/her mind, why did he say this or that....etc.   I become a detective.    In recent years I analyzed myself.

One of my client gave me a nickname "Mr Agenda" meaning that I don't like attending meeting without agenda.    I'm sure many of you know of some companies that like holding endless meetings without agendas and following up actions.   With agenda I know what to prepare for.

Like a detective I like writing up scripts to describe the crime.    With the limited information and a bit of guess work I could make up the stories behind someone's behavior, motives, movements....etc.     95% of the time I was wrong.    This doesn't matter as I'm doing a life long experiment, investigation, study or research that nobody can ever be assured of outcome.    This has been a good practice mentally helping me to understand people around me which includes the one in the mirror and be prepared.

We are writing our own story and acting a role everyday.    Are you prepared?   Do you want to have a look at the scripts already written for you?

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